ZIPLOXX Hair Extensions are a game-changer that celebrates a bold new era of health, eco-awareness, speed and safety in the history of hair extensions.

At ZIPLOXX, our goal was to make hair extensions healthier for scalp and hair, eco-conscious with less waste, faster to apply and remove without stress or risk to client and stylist, as well as invisible and challenge-free.

After 4000 hours of engineering, development and extensive testing with salons, editorial and celebrity stylists, Priel, Inventor and Artistic Director, perfected ZIPLOXX, a true breakthrough that has already been patented in the US and globally. And it’s changed everything.

A Hybrid with Breakthrough Benefits

Long-Term. Short Term. Temporary or Quick Accessory. With an eye to the future, we’ve created a breakthrough fast-track “hybrid” invention that not only combines the best of long term and clip-in extensions – it solves their many challenges. ZIPLOXX can be used for extended wear or as a temporary accent, and adds a new salon category that offers the hair extensions as a quick-change accent and add-on fashion accessory. All thanks the revolutionary way they are applied.

Risk-free ZIPLOXX eliminates the perils of glue in hair, sewing or other heavier application methods. A full head of hair can now be easily applied within 5-20 minutes rather than hours, and a quick change made in seconds.