Thicken It Studios

The concept behind the Thicken It Studios brand is to provide healthy, wholesale hair extensions solutions for every salon and salon client. Thicken It Studios offers Truly Seamless hair extensions using a proprietary tape system for an adhesive application that is non-damaging and perfect for thinner, more delicate hair. Thicken It Studios Truly Seamless brand of hair extensions only uses top quality double drawn Remy hair that lasts up to 12 weeks of wear before re-application and is re-usable up to three times. Thicken It Studios offers a full line of healthy hair solutions.

Our amazing line consists of:

  • Truly Seamless Tape-In Hair Extensions
  • Truly Seamless Clip-On Hair Extensions
  • Truly Seamless Bangs
  • Thicken It Hair Powders with 100% scalp/grey coverage
  • Hair Toppers for both women and men, which feature amazing coverage for thin, thinning or no hair clients
  • Re-Application Tools
  • Healthy Hair Solutions
  • Color Ring

Highest Quality Seamless Hair Extensions

Owners Christopher Martin and Maria Savarese saw an opportunity to bring a special new  hair extensions system to the professional salon market that did not damage the hair. Thicken It is a healthy hair extensions innovation and the full line was developed to be a complete hair solution, not just a hair extensions line. Our healthy hairline includes topical hair powders for gray hair root coverage as well as scalp coverage for thinning hair with their clip-on extensions and hair toppers.